Dough Raiser

FMPS' School Council has partnered with COBS Bread Barrhaven to RAISE SOME DOUGH! 

Presenting the COBS Bread Complimentary "Loaf per Month" Card. 

The “Loaf per Month” Card entitles the card owner to receive one complimentary loaf of bread at COBS Bread Barrhaven every month for a year! If you are interested in purchasing a card (or more) for $25.75 each, and would like to support FMPS' fundraising goals, please continue reading. 

Almost 50% of funds raised will be returned to FMPS, to contribute to school activities, events, supplies, etc.

Each card is valid for one “Complimentary” loaf of any kind in the bakery every month for a year (12 loaves in total). 

*This card is only redeemable at the COBS Bread Barrhaven location.*

The value of the card depends on what loaf is chosen but to give you a sense of the value, COBS Bread white and whole wheat loaves cost $4.60 and the most expensive loaf costs $8.75; so depending on what loaf you select, the value of the card ranges from $50 to over $100!

How does it work/rules?

  1. The cardholder will come into the bakery every month and will choose any loaf available that day and will get it as a “Complimentary Loaf”. Their card will be stamped at that time and they will not be charged for the loaf. The process will repeat itself every month until the card has been stamped for every month.
  2. Only one card can be used per person per day.
  3. If you miss a month and come into the bakery with a missing stamp, you will still get your free loaf for the missing month. All 12 months will be allowed to be redeemed. The only restriction is that only one free loaf will be given per visit (same day) to the bakery. You can’t come in asking to get the month you missed and the current month for free on the same day. You can come back the next day and COBS Bread will give you the loaf on your next visit.
  4. The cards will be valid for 14 months after purchase.
  5. The bakery address is 3161 Strandherd Dr (located in the same plaza as the Metro).
  6. This card can only be used at the COBS Bread Barrhaven location. It will not be honoured at any other COBS Bread location.

If you would like to purchase a card, they are available through School Cash Online, until May 10, 2024.

Questions? Please email [email protected]

dough for dough

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